Just One Woman's Perspective

The name of my home on wheels is 'El Corazón del Sueño,' which is Spanish for 'The Heart of the Dream.' This is a reference to a lyric from a flamenco-rock song from the 80s, and an homage to the year and a half I spent living in Seville, Spain. It is also descriptive of the nomadic lifestyle I have chosen and the way that I feel about it.

My dream is to explore the extraordinary diversity of human expression and experience. I want to celebrate and share that glorious heterogeneity, and Corazón is the key to enabling me to do just that.

I've been a traveler for my entire adult life, never staying any one place for more than two years - and more frequently two months. Most of this travel has been international. Now it is time for me to turn my attention to the country in which I grew up. In this time of political division, I believe we need more stories that expand the way we understand what it means to be American.